What is LDT?

Studies show that 70% of a person's health is determined by their lifestyle. Meanwhile, 25% is influenced by genetics. So we encourage you to stop blaming your genes, and start taking a hard look at your habits.

Lifestyle Diagnostic Testing gives you a complete picture of your health by measuring your lifestyle, eating and daily behaviors. It will intuitively and accurately assess your health. Provide personalized solutions to help you achieve your goals. And take the guesswork out of what changes will work best for you.

Your Life. In Perfect Balance.
The pace and intensity of your life will determine how well your metabolic systems respond to the Body's Law of Balance.

The Body's Law of Balance
  • Food is fuel
  • Lifestyles determine the amount and types of fuel needed

LDT Provides
  • Direct answers to what's complicating your health
  • A clear understanding of which changes to make
  • Expert professional support and guidance

Be Healthy!

"This information is so enlightening and empowering! Seeing these numbers and the accompanying detail makes me feel like I can make the 'right' changes in my habits that will result in solid advances in my weight loss/health gain journey."
-J Batchen; 52 yrs old