How it works

Lifestyle Diagnostic Testing measures more than 70 specific lifestyle factors that may negatively impact your health. It's illuminating, comprehensive and empowering.

What will you find out?
  • Your precise classifications of healthiness
  • If your resting metabolism is normal, high or low
  • Your basic nutritional needs
  • When you are under-eating
  • If you are losing or gaining muscle
  • Age-related health changes
  • Body Fat % and associated health risks
  • Calories burned, intensity of physical activity and sleep
  • Effectiveness of exercise efforts
  • When to eat, calories per meal and quality of food choices
  • Imbalanced body perception and health attitudes

Lifestyle Diagnostic Testing offers a 4-staged lifestyle change program overseen by our trained Licensed Health Professionals (LHPs).

Get Healthier!
Healthy Lifestyle Process

Stage 1 Lifestyle Measurements
We'll measure your lifestyle over the course of five days - including work, sleep and daily activities. You'll complete a personal preference questionnaire and an eating analysis to identify your metabolic and nutritional needs.

Stage 2 Recommended Solutions
Once test results are collected, our software identifies imbalances and potential problems. A personal Lifestyle Coach will use this comprehensive summary of your current state of health to prescribe a customized solution that addresses your health needs. Working together, you and your Lifestyle Coach will review the test results and recommended solution, and then create realistic goals based on the test findings. Feel free to implement these recommendations on your own, or use structured programs provided by your health provider in the Solution Application stage.

Stage 3 Solution Application
Armed with practical and accurate guidelines, you will implement your realistic solutions over a 6- or 12-week period - under the helpful guidance of your personal Lifestyle Coach. Week by week, the LDT software will automatically track your progress through Weekly CheckIn Reports that rate how well you're adhering to your goals. You and your health team can follow your weekly changes through our colorful and graphic reports. And equally appealing, your personalized solutions can be monitored by almost any health and fitness tool because LDT identifies what needs to be monitored to maintain truly balanced health.

Stage 4 Remeasurement
At recommended time intervals, you can remeasure your lifestyle habits through a follow-up Lifestyle Test. LDT picks up on the healthy and unhealthy changes that can quickly, quietly and subtly happen over time - and will redirect you accordingly. Look to our remeasurement reports for a comparative analysis of how your health has progressed from your first testing. And over time, LDT will keep you on track and in control through annual and bi-annual check-ups. Our software is designed to be expandable, so it's able to maintain your personal history of change and is wired to offer bold, new corrections for years of healthy living.