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Lifestyle Diagnostic Testing (LDT) was developed by MetaFit Solutions, a health and fitness software solutions company in Pittsburgh, PA. Our testing and software system has been tested by health professionals over a 5-year period to identify which lifestyle behaviors directly impact health conditions. Our comprehensive test results are based on the most widely accepted norms for healthy living and eating.

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LTD is provided exclusively by a select group of Licensed Health Professionals who are trained to interpret LDT test scores, diagnose, and prescribe personalized health solutions.

MetaFit Solutions is actively building a network of Licensed Health Professionals who are trained in providing Lifestyle Diagnostic Testing. For more information about LDT contact us at: 412.247.4957.

"There's a lot out there about healthy living and I would have never changed my life this way if I didn't have the data and the science behind it. It made it believable, and I saw it in the numbers."
-D. Kell; 57 yrs old

About Us